Who needs a drink?

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bottle of wine gift

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Yes, the infamous bottle of wine. It is almost as easy as the gift card, especially if you know the wine is good. A bottle of wine (or spirits) is the perfect gift to personalize on any budget. You can use a personalization service or you can DIY. And don’t think that if you choose to get crafty you have to create the design yourself. You can always hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork to create the label for you.


A couple years ago did this for a Secret Santa gift for a colleague who just bought a new house that needed a little TLC. I chose to go with a home remodel theme. I bought 2 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of tequila. With a budget of $25, I am not so sure that the wine would be a hit, but my goal was the personalization not the actual beverage.

For my labels I used PowerPoint and my graphic design skills to alter some clipart and photos to create my perfect labels using our company logo. Below is one of the labels.

DIY wine bottle label

Once my labels were done, I simply printed them on labels and put them on the bottles. Some of the originals labels came off pretty easy, others needed to be soaked in water and scrubbed off. I did leave the back label on, so that the actual wine name was easy to detect.

I then added some comical instructions that I printed out on color paper. On the painting themed bottle I also added a couple paint swatches I grabbed from my local Home Depot. I really wanted to put them in a wooden tool box, but did I mention the $25 budget! (total time spent – 3 hours)

See the bottom of the post for some snapshots of the finished gift!
Now don’t worry if you have zero graphic design, PowerPoint or Photoshop skills. You can 1) enlist a friend who does to help you 2) hire a freelance graphic designer on a website like Fiverr or Upwork or 3) use a personalization service.


If you decide to hire a freelancer to do the design work, make sure to use a person who has completed a lot of jobs and has high ratings. This is simple to see on most freelance websites. You can get a label created for as little as $5.

I am going to use Fiverr as my example. Go to Fiverr.com and enter the search terms label design and voila you will have 100 designers to choose from starting from $5. Of course sometimes express delivery, upgrades and top level freelancers can cost more. Also, often English is not the designer’s first language so be sure to give specific instructions.

My dad’s birthday is coming up: a perfect reason to use Fiverr for a custom label and provide a complete example for you.

Step 1: go to fiverr.com (to sign up you just have to create a user name and password! Super simple!)
Step 2: search label design
Step 3: sort by average customer review
Step 4: pick designer – I chose Munez_Studio (I have never used him before)
Step 5: Place order – I went with the $5 design (no upgrades) There is a $1 processing fee so the total was $6.
Step 6: give direction to designer – here is exactly what I wrote “Hi – I need a wine bottle label for my father’s birthday. I need it to fit on a 3-1/3″ (wide) x 4″ (height) label so I can print it myself and stick it on a bottle of wine. I do not have a specific design in mind but I think using his name or initials might be good. Jack C. Hawkins. It doesn’t have to say Happy Birthday, but it can if your design incorporates it. His favorite things are New Orleans and the LSU Tigers. I can provide symbols of these things unless you just want to research them. The Fleur De Lis is a very common symbol used for both. The label will go on a dark bottle as he only drinks red wine. I am open to any colors. For reference- the LSU colors are purple and gold and New Orleans tends to be multi-colored or black and gold. I am really very open to your design ideas. Please let me know what else you need to know.”
Step 7: Receive label and revise if necessary.

I received my label within 24 hours. Here is the final label design I received for $5. I did make three revisions.

fiverr wine bottle label

You can also get customized labels on Etsy.com. This bourbon label is customizable and only $7 with shipping. Etsy is a great way to see exactly what you will get from the beginning. You can also ask for additional customization if something you see isn’t precisely what you had in mind.

Personalization Service

There are several wine personalization services out there. You can Google personalized wine and find the perfect company for your need and budget. There are two main options if you go this direction. The first is a custom label similar to the examples above. The other is a custom engraving. You can semi-customize your label or engraving using their pre-designed options, including your own photo, or you can have them fully customize your label for you.

I have not used any of these services, so I can’t recommend a specific one. However, I did do a search, randomly choose two companies and created my own labels using all the first choices to make it as arbitrary as possible. Each took me about 20 minutes. Of course to be more purposeful in your choices, please allow at least 45-60 minutes. Both options with no upgrades came to about $45.00. Shipping averaged 10 business days.

online wine bottle label

wine bottle label

Personalization services for spirits do exist, but there are fewer options than for wine and they tend to be more expensive.

This Ketel One engraved bottle is $69.00 plus shipping.
engraved vodka bottle

This personalized bottle of Woodford is $150.16 plus shipping.
engraved whiskey bottle

A Final Thought

If wine or spirits aren’t the bottle you are looking to personalize, you can always do beer, soda or olive oil. This is a very special gift that shows you really did think about the person and can truly be done on any budget!

Happy Gifting!


DIY wine bottle label
DIY wine bottle label
DIY wine bottle label
DIY wine bottle label

Who needs a drink? - The Art of Gift Giving