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I LOVE giving gifts…great gifts! Honestly, some of my personal highlights are out-gifting everybody at work in the Secret Santa or the most memorable part of the party is my gift not the food or entertainment! It not only makes me happy to hit a homerun with my gift, but it’s nice to know that I made the giftee feel as special as possible. That look on their face when I know I crushed it is amazing.

Ok – yes great gifts take time and I know we are all so busy. I am just going to say it – stop being so damn lazy!

gift lazy adjective ˈgift ˈlā-zē

Card2 (gift card + greeting card = gift)

People come to me all the time asking for help in coming up with a great gift, so I created a gift database for everyone to use. It is full of great gift ideas. It is not a list of gadgets or gizmos that you can simply purchase. It is a database of ideas that will need personalization.  You have to personalize it! Personalization is the key to transforming a creative idea into a perfect gift.  Most of the ideas can be used for any person at any age for any occasion within any budget.  However, some ideas only really fit one gender, occasion or age range.

I will keep adding to it and highlighting how I use them in the blog, so you can check that out for further instruction or inspiration.

If you have a gift idea to add to the database – send me an email! I want to keep adding creative, new and funky ideas!

Enjoy the database and HAPPY GIFTING!

Jacqueline ~


Need help trying to personalize an idea to fit your situation? Email Me ( and I’ll do my best to help. But I will need some information to help you so make sure to include information on the recipient like:

Age? Gender?

Interest and hobbies? Style and personality traits?

How well do you know the gift recipient? Relationship to recipient?

What is the occasion?

How much do you want to spend?

What sentiments do you want to convey with your gift?

Crazy facts and other things you’d like me to know….


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