Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

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Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with coffee. They have to have that one perfect cup or 10 cups of pure caffeinated sludge.

Whoever your coffee lover is and no matter why he is obsessed with it, these gifts are sure to help brew up some coffee bliss.

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Third Wave Water

This is for your serious perfect cup of coffee seeker. Many people swear that they only way to get the perfect cup of coffee is to use the perfect water and these packets of minerals are used to make your water perfect for the brew.


 Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Another secret to that perfect cup of coffee is the pour over. You can actually order a pour over at places like Starbucks, but many of the best coffee cafes only do pour over coffee. Why? Because it’s the best.


Yeti Rambler

I personally like a couple ice cubes to cool my coffee down, but I am in the minority. Most coffee addicts like it steaming hot. There is no better way to keep it burning than the Yeti rambler.


The Coffee Grinder

Most serious coffee drinkers grind their beans fresh and brew their coffee with ice cold water. These are common tricks of the trade. There are many grinders out there, but the three big reasons (from personal experience) I recommend the Breville is 1) you can grind your beans directly into the filter, 2) the bean hopper holds an entire bag of coffee and 3) you do not have to clean it after each use.


Koffee Kult

The first coffee I am going to add to the list is Koffee Kult. They roast several varieties and all are highly rated.


The Practical Pot

This coffee pot rocks. You can make a single cup (travel size or standard) or an entire pot. Perfect! It also has a timer and there is a version with a k-cup/pod attachment. Its works great and the price is great.



If you have a single cup pod user on your list, you will blow their mind with the Nespresso. It really does make a great cup of coffee. It is also terrific for espresso and lattes.


Deathwish Coffee

These are the beans that will wake you up. They are roasted to be highly caffeinated, but with a bold and smooth taste. A little known secret is that sometimes light coffee actually has more caffeine. Deathwish is the best of both worlds.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Yes sir that’s a mason jar. Some of the best things are just not fancy, but they work great!


Milk Frother

Unless the person on your list only drinks it strong and black, a milk frother is a must have coffee accessory. I will warn you that once you start frothing you won’t be able to stop.



Outdoor Travel Espresso Maker

This is for the person who loves to travel and loves coffee. The best part is you can use your own beans or their pods.







If you have a coffee bean or gadget that must make the list, let us know about it in the comment section below!

Happy Gifting! And enjoy your cup of coffee!

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