Best Gift Ideas of August 2018

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I found so many cool things this month to share with you. These are a little different than some of the items I have shared with you. Some of these you will either love or hate. They definitely all don’t work for any person for any occasion. But they all made me take a second or third look, so they made the list.


Universal Car Inflatable Mattress

This mattress is compatible with 95% of car models. And if for some reason it doesn’t fit you can return it.

car matress


As you might know I live in Florida, and the flip flop is part of the uniform. I think these flip flop wallets are sold for safety. Like an alternative to the fanny pack. But honestly as long as my phone fits in my pocket, with these I can ditch my purse. Awesome!

flip flop hidden compartment

Crockpot Lid Pocket

This little gem doesn’t even need a description. Anyone who uses a crockpot know the inventor of the Lid Pocket is a dang genius.

crock pot lid holder

Inverted Umbrella

Why is this umbrella so awesome? 1) The C-shape handle fits on your arm making your hands free. 2) When you’re done using it, the dry side of the umbrella becomes the outside, making the wet side self-contained. Why wasn’t this thought of before?

inverted umbrella


Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes are a new construction toy…kind of like Legos. I just bought these for my nephew for his 5th birthday. I will update you on his level of excitement when he opens the box and when he uses them.

brian flakes

Pop Chart Labs

I love these scratch off charts . Right now they come in beer, book and movies. The only question is where to start?

pop chart lab scratch off chart

Happy Gifting!
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Best Gift Ideas of August 2018 - The Art of Gift Giving