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It’s my birthday too! This gift takes some time, but believe me its sooo cool! Google will be your friend on this one. Do a bit of research and find out who was born on the same day, who was born in the same year,  all the best things that happened in the birth year or on the birth day and make a Birth Day Basket.

You can include movies, books, music, and art of famous people born on the exact same day.

You can also include things from the birth year – a book on an event that took place, Oscar winning films or a compilation of all the number one songs from that year.

Or go with the birth day and forget the year.  With this you can include anything the happened on that day from any year.

It will take some research, but this gift will be a hit! Honestly, the work has been done for you.  Trust me Google any date and you’ll be overwhelmed by the information about the exact date, year or day.

best birthday gift

Here is an example. Random Birthday – January 30, 1974

Famous People:

  • Born the exact date: Christian Bale
  • Born in 1974: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jimmy Fallon, Derek Jeter, Lil Kim, Amy Adams, Hilary Swank (that is only a couple…the list is lengthy!)
  • Born January 30th: Franklin Roosevelt, Phil Collins, Kid Cudi, Wilmer Valderrama, Gene Hackman, and many many more.

Most popular movies of 1974:

  1. The Godfather: Part II
  2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  3. Murder on the Orient Express

Best Sellers of 1974:

Top Hits of 1974:

  1. The Way We Were by Barbra Streisand
  2. Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks
  3. Love’s Theme by Love Unlimited Orchestra
  4. Come and Get Your Love by Redbone
  5. Dancing Machine by The Jackson 5

For a day by day account of Important Events in 1974 check out On This Day 1974.

For Important Events on January 30 check out On This Day January 30th.

Random Goodies:

Kraft’s Squeez-a-Snak came out with a bang in 1974. It was a processed cheese in a range of flavors including Bacon, Hot and Garlic. Sort of like Cheez Whiz in a roll…like a Cheez Whiz and Velveeta baby.

Dungeons & Dragons released – yeah you know it – that’s historical!

I know I know Watergate happened, but hellllooo Sonny & Cher split up in 1974! Let’s focus on what’s important. 🙂

And although not a #1 best seller – The Joy of Sex ended its 2 year streak on the top 100 list.

As you can see the gifts are endless and you can go from the simple – buy a bestseller on Amazon – to the elaborate – create a gift basket with many many goodies.

Happy Birthday Gifting!


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