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Reuse – Recycle – REGIFT!

So the Holidays are over and your closets and counters are full of great new stuff! Yippie! Or not…

Usually we do not only get perfect gifts. We all get gifts we don’t want. It happens every single year without fail. Someone gave us another useless widget and you got 14 more coffee cups. So want do you do?

Many many many people give their unwanted gifts to donation centers, like the Goodwill or Salvation Army. And you can too. Really, I give you permission to not keep junk you don’t want!

However, since your wallet unlike your closets is probably closer to empty than full, I recommend a different approach. Re-gift yours and other peoples unwanted presents!

First, get some masking tape and mark on any unwanted gifts who gave it to you. THIS IS KEY! Do not think you will remember, you will not. Trust me on this one. This will be the start to your re-gifting stash. (Ok- don’t look at me that way- we all do it!)

Second, if you have some birthdays, anniversaries or other gifting needs coming up, this is a great time to shop at your local donation centers and stock up. These centers get so much stuff in January due to people clearing out their “junk” for the new year including getting rid of unwanted presents, that the donation centers can’t even process all the stuff being donated. You will find tons of collectables and new unopened items filling the shelves.

Another little know fact is that larger stores and clearance centers send items to places like Goodwill when they haven’t been able to clearance them out.
Now I am not saying you will find an exact item you want to buy. This gift grabbing opportunity is for when you are just looking for gifts that you can add to you gifting arsenal or if you don’t know what to get someone and need an idea. This is especially great if you are on a budget.

Need an example: Last week I bought an unopened huge rainfall showerhead from my local Goodwill for my dad. I have one at my house, and I paid $99 dollars for it at the Home and Patio Show last year. Well someone didn’t want it and donated it, and I got it for $15. I also got an unopened set of silverware (20 pieces) for $8.

The last great way to get rid of your “junk” and get some “treasure” is to have a re-gifting party. Invite all your friends over for a glass of wine and everyone needs to bring one or two gifts they got and don’t want. Then you can do a reject white elephant exchange. Hint- make sure not to use one of their gifts as your reject!

I truly hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and got everything you wanted. But if you got “junk” remember its someone else’s treasure.
Happy Gifting!

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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