7 Simple DIY Halloween Wreaths

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Feature image by Wreaths by Robyn. Please check out her shop! The post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more information.

Here are 7 Halloween wreaths that are DIY, inexpensive and fun! Of course there are a couple fabulous buy only options as well.

Halloween is such a fun holiday and a perfect time to give someone an unexpected gift or have a Fall party. One of the big lessons I try to share is that when you try to fit your gift or gathering into to the prime holiday season month of December, your gift gets lost in the multitude of presents, the effort can prove very stressful and everyone’s calendars are booked solid.

So why not move your annual gift giving or party to October. Even if it is sending a card, Halloween is a great holiday to send it. And if you want to give a nice gift, a Halloween Wreath is perfect.

Also, instead of a Christmas cookie party why not have a Halloween wreath making party. You can load up on supplies from the dollar store and have everyone else bring some of their own tricks or treats to add to the mix. After binging on YouTube tutorials for a bit of inspiration – you all can whip up some fancy or scary wreaths!

Don’t have time to DIY? Its ok just Buy! Check out Wreaths by Robyn. Very cool little shop with a fabulous selection. Robyn’s wreaths are beautiful, affordable and would make the perfect Halloween gift for anyone.

Halloween Wreath Etsy

Amazon also has a couple wreaths to select from, but honestly the selection is very limited.

Halloween wreath amazon

Here are the 7 DIY wreaths that are truly spooktacular!

Deco Mesh Sunburst Wreath

Halloween Monster Wreath

Candy Corn Wreath

Black & White Ghost Wreath

Dollar Store Wreath

Dia De Los Muertos Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath

Hope you enjoy these spooky fun wreaths! Happy Gifting!

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7 Simple DIY Halloween Wreaths - The Art of Gift Giving