7 Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easier

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For most of my life (excuse the teenage years) I was aware that my mom was superwoman. I had no doubt that my mom was indeed the best mom in the world. You may have thought your mom was the best, but I am here to tell you it is my mom.

Then I had a baby and  thought…oh my goodness…how do I not kill this beautiful little girl? What do I do now? How did my mom do this?! The “new mom fairy” did not sprinkle the superwoman mom dust on me before we left the hospital!!! So I am sure you know what I did… I called my mommy and she, as always, came to save the day.

Over the last 18 months, I have received several gifts and some little gems of advice, as well as learned some new mom lessons all on my own. We are also new foster parents, so having a 2 year old followed by a 4 year old and currently having a 3 year old foster son in the last 5 months has speed up my learning curve a little.

But starting daycare for the first time changed my self perceived high horse into a stepping stool.

Here are some items that I wish I had in my bins of baby and toddler stuff as we started our daycare journey. They would have made my life just a little bit easier and made me feel more prepared. These are simple things that maybe aren’t needed every day, but useful to have on hand. If you know a superwoman (a.k.a. mom) these are great gifts for her. This is especially true if like me, she would rather have something to make life easier over a nice sweater for her birthday or Christmas or any other day.

Name Labels

Anyone who has a kid in daycare knows that name labels are needed on everything. I mean everything you send with them…cups, lunchboxes, bedding, pillows, toys, backpacks, towels… It is imperative that the labels are both waterproof and dishwasher safe.

I am not going to lie. I did not know I needed these and my beautiful little girl came home from daycare on day one with masking tape and sharpie labels with a note that said “Please labels your child’s precious items :)” Duh? How did I not think of that?!? I told you – I did not get that supermom fairy dust!

Baby fables has many many designs for waterproof labels that I LOVE. Check them out and you’re sure to find one you love too!

waterproof cup labels

The Personalized Towel

This is not only the cutest way to put a name on a towel, but this is the perfect gift for anyone with a kid. This summer my daughter had a water day every week at daycare, and you guessed it she needed a towel with her name on it. Being unprepared, we sent her with a towel with her name written in sharpie. We used sharpies a lot in the beginning!

But we were not the only ones. When we went to the pool for her swimming lessons, the lost and found bin was overflowing with random towels. We have even had someone else’s towel sent home with us.

As soon as I saw these towels by Trendie Treasures, I found the solution to the problem. These personalized towels are perfect for water days, pool trips, camps, sleepovers, beach days and marking territory in the shared bathroom! This is a great gift that will make a kid smile and decrease mom’s stress. The best part is when a wet towel is just left sitting on the floor, all the “Not MEs” get whittled down really quickly.

personalized bath towel kid

The Clothing Label

Are you sensing a theme here? Labels make life easier! So I can’t miss the clothing label. This is perfect for any mom with multiple kids, kids in daycare or kids going to camp. You can buy them as stick on labels, iron on labels, sewing labels or a clothing stamp.

These are especially helpful for foster parents. It is like camp every day! You need to know whose clothes are whose and what is theirs versus what came from your private emergency stash. Our current foster son came to us with no clothes except those he was wearing. So we got some clothes out of our stash until his belongings arrived. This just happens sometimes when kids come to you late in the day. It is kind of like the airline temporarily losing your luggage.

You don’t even need to use whole names – use initials or a color coding system. You will know that blue stars are for Bobby and green stars are for Jamie.

stick on clothing label kids
The Wet Bag

I was introduced to the wet bag when I decide that we were going to try to use cloth diapers. So that lasted a week – we just couldn’t keep up. But what has lasted is the wet bag. This thing is amazing. How did I live without this before? It is perfect for expected wet times like the beach, the pool or water days. But it is needed for those “UGH I really need a bag right now!” moments.

Times I have used my wet bag unexpectedly: toddler gets sick in the car on the way to the doctor (2 days in a row), have to change a regular diaper with no proper place to dispose of it, taking home wet clothes from swim lessons (couldn’t wait to get that bathing suit on), potty training accident at someone else’s house, spilt drink at the restaurant. A wet bag is so useful and along with a change of clothes for every kid, should be in every car and diaper bag. It holds wetness and odors!

cloth diaper wet bag


Personalized Lunchbox

As I am sure you already know my daughter had a lunchbox with her name written on it with a sharpie. I wish someone had bought me a personalized lunchbox for her. This would make a perfect baby gift. Not another onesie or blanket – get them a lunchbox. Of course this seems to make no sense for new parents, but tell them to trust you. This is especially true for parents who will be using a daycare.

When a child goes to daycare they need a name labeled lunchbox (in most cases). This will help take the stress off mom when getting ready for that first day. Not having to get all the pieces of the puzzle together can help out a lot.

personalized lunch box kid


Lunch Box Notes

This is something that we don’t do right now with our toddler, but I know that my husband will do daily once she is able to understand her notes from daddy or we have an age appropriate foster child. How do I know he will do this? Every day of our 4 year marriage when my husband leaves first he leaves me a love note. It is amazing and I highly recommend this for your spouse and children.

Of course moms are busy people, so help her out and buy her some pre-made lunchbox notes. Then all she has to do is slip into the lunchbox. It’s simple and sweet.

lunchbox notes
Prize Labels

I absolutely love this idea! This is perfect for rewarding kids for a good day, a job well done or potty training. I do not know one kid who doesn’t want to do a scratch off. These would be great for a super special lunch box note on the first day of school or note slipped in an overnight bag for a sleepover.

I also think they would be amazing for revealing a family activity. Here is the idea: put a different outing on each card; put 5-10 cards in a bag; on a free day where the family can take a trip let the kids pick one out the bag and scratch it off to reveal the day’s activity. So fun! A it is pre-planned so mom doesn’t have to stress about what to do!

Check out the ones offered by Enchanting By Design.

scratch off notes
It is my hope that some of these items will inspire you to buy something for a supermom in your life.  Helping to cut out a little bit of the stress that comes with being a superwoman mom makes you a hero too.

Leave any helpful tips or gift ideas in the comment section. I’d love to create a second post filled with more items and tips.

Happy Gifting!

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

7 Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easier - The Art of Gift Giving