6 Cards You Need to Mail Today

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Sending a card in the mail is a small gesture that can send a big impact! Instead of spending $5 on a regular card, spend a couple extra bucks and send a slice of happiness. Sending the unexpected guarantees to make an impression and get a smile.

Honestly, why would you ever send a regular old card in the mail again? Here are six of the coolest “cards” you might be surprised that you can send in the mail, but you should be sending today!

Send a snack

There are a lot of snacks you can send in the mail. The hottest new mailable is the potato. Shark Tank has made Potato Parcel pretty famous. This also works with limes, lemons, oranges, coconuts, mangos, turnips…just check out the produce section!

Now some of these edibles you will need to put in a padded envelope, but some you don’t -no box, no envelope — you just stick a stamp onto it – example: the coconut.

You can DIY this one, but there are of course places that will do this for you! Google [the item]+ mail it and you’ll have several options.

potatoparcel.comVia Potato Parcel

post a nut

Via Post-a-nut

Send a Slice

I really love this card. It looks so real and will be such a surprise to receive in the mail. You can either buy one on a site like Etsy or DIY. Yummmm

cake postcard etsy

Via SnailMail

Send a Pop

Popups aren’t just for kids books. These cards are detailed, beautiful and very cool. This one is a bit harder to DIY unless you have some skills, but there are several online options to purchase and send. Two popular options are Amazon and Lovepop.



Via Lovepop

Send a Ball to Have a Ball

This is a great one for kids. They love balls, so can you imagine how excited they’ll be to get a ball in the mailbox. It’s just a ball of fun! 🙂

send a ball

Via Sendaball

Send a Flip that Won’t Flop

If you live at the beach or go on a beach vacation- grab some .99¢ flip flops and send them to your friends and family. You can send them with just a simple message or you can paint or design them. It is a simple DIY. These would also make very cute invitations for luau or a kid’s party.

mail a flip flop
Via Sandy Toes and Popsicles


Send Happy Mail

There are several other items you can mail to send a big smile. Here are a couple more ideas or use your imagination! Use google images to see examples and get inspiration.

  • Frisbee
  • Plastic bucket and shovel
  • Disposal camera
  • Seashell
  • Pillow
  • Plastic bottle with a message inside or outside
  • Dog toys
  • Piñata
  • Hat – baseball or sombrero
  • Box of candy
  • Hula-hoop

Couple Notes: be sure your address label is legible and that your label and postage are secure. Also make sure to use enough stamps.

Have fun with it and share your mailable ideas in the comment section.

Happy Gifting!

6 Cards You Need to Mail Today - The Art of Gift Giving